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Emerging Vision E-zine is Featuring my Two Artworks.

Fantasy art inspired by ancient Maya prophecies.
Fantasy art inspired by ancient Maya prophecies.

I just wanted to share with you the news about two of my artworks being featured in the “Emerging Vision” E-zine” #16

This e-zine presents artworks by various artists along with a beautiful poetry. 

Both of my artworks included in this issue were created recently and they are digitally enhanced landscapes. The style of these pieces is somehow different from my previous work. Instead of depicting people, I have concentrated on creating mysterious, symbolic landscapes. As my previous creations, these images were also inspired by myths, legends and by my imagination.

I include one of the images in this post – Ancient Prophecies #2 – Heaven and Earth”.  Both artworks featured in this issue are available as stock art to be licensed for a variety of usage, as well as fine art limited edition prints. For more info please visit my Surreal Landscapes Gallery on my Light Vision stock photography website hosted by Photoshelter. You can also contact me via contact forms on any of my websites, or by replying to this post.

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