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Ancient Prophecies Maya # 1 was just featured in TV program called Bridging Heaven and Earth.

Fanasy Art - Digitally enhanced photography, concept photo-illustration.
Ancient Phopecies – Maya #1 – Fantasy art, concept photo-illustration.

My artwork “Ancient Prophecies – Maya #1” was recently featured in art promoting TV show – “Bridging Heaven and Earth”.

You can see this big fine art limited edition Giclee print on archival watercolour paper in this video, in about 10 minutes after this program starts running. Now this presentation is available for viewing on You Tube .

It is an interesting spirituality related talk by Michael Tamura – author and spiritual teacher. You will be able to see my artwork in the background and also to listen to some New Age  music.  I invite you to see this uplifting program.

If you are interested in buying my “Ancient Prophecies Maya #1”  fine art print please contact me for more info.



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