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Summer Evening Walk – a new version of my artwork.


Summer Evening Walk - Creative Photo Illustration
Summer Evening Walk – Creative Photo-Illustration

Sometimes I like to play with my artwork to create other versions.  I have just created a new version from my “Summer Walk”. I thought I can make the original image to look more mysterious and dramatic.

I have used NIK’s Midnight Filter and played with it blocking some areas with their control point selective tool. I think NIK is wonderful software, which provides so many options.

My original image “Summer Walk” was created by combining my fashion photograph of a model taken in the studio with my landscape image from Poland and some old illustration art.  The model’s hair was changed by replacing it with the hair of another model I have photographed.

I hope you like this image. As most of the images I mention on this blog, this artwork is now available for sale directly from my rights managed Light Vision stock photography archive hosted by Photoshelter.  You can get an instant quote for a variety of usage and even buy prints made from this image.  Please click on the image to go directly to this artwork in my Light Vision Archive.

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