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My 2011 Fantasy Art Calendar Published Via Red Bubble is Now Available

Fantasy Art Calendar - 2011 - Creative Photo Illustration
Fantasy Art Calendar 2011 – Published and Sold via Red Bubble

My Fantasy Art Calendar published and sold via Red Bubble is now available for 2011. You will find there many of my fine art inspirational surrealistic images of people presented as fairies, gods, goddesses, nymphs and other spiritual beings.

With the images presented in this collection, I hope to stimulate your mind and to heighten your imagination. You can also use the artworks included in the calendar for meditation, relaxation or just simply to decorate your walls. The calendar could make a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Many of the images presented in the calendar are available as fine art limited edition prints directly from me. Some of the artworks included there are offered  as greeting cards or posters via Red Bubble Store at:

I invite you to share this info with your family and friends via Facebook or other Social Media.


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