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My Work is Featured in PNW and in Their “For the Love” Magazine.

Fantasy Wedding #2
Fantasy Wedding #2 - digitally enhanced photography

I am proud to say, that my work is presently featured on PNW – Premium Network Worldwide website and in published by them Internet magazine “For the Love”. This publication is dedicated to creative photography, design and illustration.   You can see which of my images are presently featured  here.



Ancient Prophecies - Maya #1
Renata's Ancient Prophecies - Maya #1 is presently participating in Saatchi online competition.

My “Ancient Prophecies – Maya #1” artwork is currently participating in Saatchi gallery competition.

Please vote for me if you like this image by following  this link , or by clicking on it.

This will take you to the voting page for this artwork. Thank you. 

This creative art  was inspired by 2012 prophecy about the end of an era and of a great cycle in Maya calendar.


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