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Celebrate Pisces Zodiac Sign and the Element of Water. See Some Water Related Images from my Collection.

 Pisces – Zodiac sign of Mystery, Feelings and Water.

"In Love with a Mermaid" - photo-illustration.
"In Love with a Mermaid" - photo-illustration from the Astral Travels series.

As you might have noticed when  looking at my artworks, the water element related to the Zodiac sign of Pieces, is close to my heart and often featured in my work.

We are presently under the  influence of Pisces since this zodiac sign, which means Fishes in Latin, is running from February 19 to March 20.

It relates to change, movement and to feelings.

Pieces are very sensitive, emotional people.  At their best, they are very dedicated, like to sacrifice for others and are demanding little for themselves.

They like to dream and sometimes they might feel somehow disconnected from the reality. Other people could find them unrealistic or unpractical, somehow mysterious and hard to know.

In Greek mythology this sign was related to Venus and her son, Eros. It is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

To read more about this very interesting sign, check out this article 


Celebrate the Zodiac Sign of Pisces by Looking at My Water Related Artworks.
Forest Nymph #3 - please click on the image to see a bigger version on my Light Vision Photoshelter website.
Forest Nymph #3 from the Magic Woods series

To celebrate this Zodiac sign, please have a look at some samples of my water element related artwork. I am attaching a few samples of them to this post. You can click on the images to see bigger versions and to instantly receive a quote if you would like to buy any of them.  To search for more of my water related works please type “water” in the search box on my Light Vision Photoshelter website.

I love water and swimming in clean waters of seas, rivers and pools. I also like taking long walks along the beach, hiking beside rivers, lakes and mountain streams, or admiring waterfalls and dipping in healing springs.  In my artworks I often feature nymphs – mythological beings related to water element, or depict water in various forms.

Water – Symbolism and Rituals

Mermaid #1 - fantasy glamour. To see a bigger version please click on the image.
Mermaid #1 - fantasy glamour.

Water not only cleans and purifies but is also related to emotions and even to the subconscious mind. It is one of the basic elements on our planet, and without it, there wouldn’t be any life. It is also one of the most important elements in many myths and rituals celebrated in various cultures. In particular, it relates to Spring and to a new life.

In Poland, my country of origin, there was a pagan custom of drowning so called “Marzanna” – a doll dressed in woman’s clothing. This ritual was representing the burial of winter, or perhaps of the goddess of death and it had place in spring, usually in March.   In some areas of Poland this old pagan custom is still alive today. Read more  here .

 Water and Music, Thoughts and Feelings – How they Can Affect It.

Magic Stream #1
Magic Stream #1 - digitally enhanced photography
It is also amazing that it was recently discovered that water seems to react to our feelings, thoughts and even to music and actually changes its structure.  These astonishing changes could be well observed on frozen water crystals.  Read more about this very interesting research in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s  interview .

You can also read Dr.Masaru Emoto’s  book “The Message from Water”, or watch this short YouTube video  with several samples of the water crystals and how they were affected by music, thoughts and emotions.

This can make us think to pay more attention to our own feelings and thoughts and those of others.  We should really consider to what music and other sounds we are listening, since we are mostly made of water…

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Spirit of Land
Spirit of Land - fantasy landscape.

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