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My work on iPhone Cases

Now you can buy iPhone Cases with some of my work. If you would like to see any other of my artworks on iPhone cases, please let me know and I can try to design them for you for free.  Some artworks work well on iPhone cases and other don’t.  Usually vertical artworks with more space above the main subject work best.

Floral Red and Green I-Phone case.
Floral Red and Green iPhone case.
  •  They are high quality and made from a shatterproof polycarbonate,  have a short back and sides,  with an open face for you to use your own choice of screen protector.
  •  These are not stickers, but images are printed directly into the product using a permanent printing process. It is embedded into the case itself and will not peel off or fade; the design stays as brilliant as the day it was printed.Due to the embedding of the image in the polymer, it is possible that the design will look very slightly different to the preview of the iPhone you will see.  Red Bubble say that “No returns can be accepted for this, as it is normal for the technology used, albeit very rare.”

Here you see 1 of my floral iPhone cases designs. The other one with a Red Poinsettia flower could be viewed by following this link.

The Magician iPhone Case
The Magician iPhone Case

I have also created 2 other designs with my fantasy fashion images. You can see one of them on the left.  The other one with  “Dangerous Warrioress”  is available here.

To buy any of the designs you see here, please click on the images, or go to my store by following this  Red Bubble store link.

To find out more about iPhone cases available via Red Bubble, please have a look at this page with more info.

These iPhone covers are reasonably priced, but usually cost  a bit more than some iPhone cases you can see in retail stores. I wish I could offer you a better price, but making unique looking single iPhone covers on demand, as it is done via the Red Bubble,  is quite expensive and these products are really unique looking and very durable, so I think they are worth their price.

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