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Lady in a Veil

Here is a sample of one of my older artworks – “Lady in a Veil”, which I have now enhanced in computer. I have made it slightly darker, as it was taken at night.

My idea behind this artwork was to show a lady, which seemed to appear as a ghost from the past era.

Originally this artwork was created in the darkroom by sandwiching 2 colour negatives when I was still a student at the Ontario College of Art (OCA – now called OCAD).

I used to love to spend hours in the darkroom printing my black and white, as well as colour images.  Often quite surprising images would appear.

At this time computers were much less powerful and I was not using them yet to enhance my work. I always liked very much painterly effects and I was trying to create them in the darkroom, or later by painting by hand on my prints.

This artwork is available as limited editions archival prints.

Another version of this photograph was also printed on canvas and painted by hand using colour pastels. It is quite unique looking and one of the kind. I still have it and perhaps it will one day become a part of a museum collection. I certainly hope so.


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