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Celebrating the Earth Day.

Gaia Goddess - the Creation of the Earth
Gaia - the Creation of the Earth

Let’s celebrate the Earth Day. Keep in mind that we are only temporary guest here and should respect Mother Earth and all her creations. Enjoy beautiful spring and remember to go out and unplug from all the electronics and wireless technology for a while. Turn off all music players, phones, computers etc. and just look around and listen to the nature.

Admire the miracle of spring and the life that has once more awaken. See the beauty of nature  rejuvenated in the eternal cycle of life. Smell the flowers and breathe the air. Sit in a quiet place close to nature for a while. You might like to close your eyes while you meditating. Breathe the energy in and out and feel as you yourself are also reborn and rejuvenated. Feel as your energy is  getting stronger and radiating like a source of light.  You are becoming one with the nature. Stay with this energy for a while then slowly come back to a  fully awaken ordinary consciousness and open your eyes.

If you can, drink some water or eat something to help yourself to be fully back to the physical reality.

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