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Space Odyssey #1 – Outer Space Artwork on Canvas.

Space Odyssey -1
Space Odyssey #1 – Artwork from Outer Space.

This is one of my fantasy outer space image based on digitally enhanced Nasa photographs. I really like looking at many images of space.  They are often so beautiful and already look like artworks created by great master. They inspire me and make me think what extraordinary and unique looking worlds they are and who might live there.

This image was create by combining several Nasa image and changing them a bit so they create a pleasing composition. I have also added extra stars and sparkles. This artwork is now available as fine art open edition print, as well as greeting cards and you can buy them from my Fine Art America website.

You can order “Space Odyssey #1” printed on fine art paper, canvas, aluminum, acrylic and if you wish, even have it framed there as well. Here is a link where you can see how it will look on canvas. You will be also able to choose other printing media. This could make a great decor for your home or office.  Enjoy!

For those of you who might be interested in using this artwork in your promotional materials, to illustrate your book, magazine or CD cover, please follow this link to purchase it directly from my website or contact me  for more info.



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