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Are You Still Working on Your New Year’s Resolution or Find it Hard to Keep up With It?

I am visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico. Traveling more is one of my goals. What are yours?
I am visiting Chichen Itza in Mexico. Travelling more is one of my goals. What are yours?

Organizing and Setting up Goal.

The end of the year and the beginning of a New Year for many of us is a time of reflection about the year that has passed and the one that lays ahead.

Was your last year good or bad or just average? Have you accomplished many goals, tried new things, met many new people? Maybe you have purchased a new home, a new car, got married, or have learned a set of brand new skills?

On the other hand what you were not able to do and why? Was it lack of time, money, skills or maybe just self sabotage, self-doubt, too scattered mind or absence of self discipline? Or perhaps not well developed planning skills and then the inability to follow through with your plan has prevented, or delayed you from achieving your goals?  Maybe there is also a lot of clutter in your home and work area that slows you down?

I personally find the lack of focus and being too easily distracted preventing me, or slowing me down from achieving some of my goals, especially those where there are no deadlines.

Looking for Answers - Polaorid SX-70
Young Man Reading – Polaroid SX-70 print.

Because of that, I am working on improving my organizing, planning and following through with my “to do lists”.  I read many books, attend courses and research these subjects on the Internet. I try to learn from people who are masters in this field or who otherwise inspire me.

Here are some books and other resources which I find particularly helpful and maybe they can help you as well.


1. “Getting Organized” by Stephanie Winston
2. “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen
3. “How to Be Organized In Spite of Yourself” by Sunny Schlenger and Roberta Roesch
4. “Clutter–Proof Your Business” by Mike Nelson
5. “Banish Mind Spam!” by Sheri A. Rosenthal, DPM
6. “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss.
7. “Type-Z Guide to Success” by Marc Allen.
8. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and many other books by Stephen Covey.
9. “Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Clutter” by Mary Lambert.
10. “Sacred Space” or “Space Clearing “ by Denise Linn.

Helpful Websites:

Chichen Itza - Mexico - View on El Castillo Pyramid.
Chichen Itza – Mexico – View on El Castillo Pyramid. Available as fine art print.

I also find these websites and authors helpful:

Michael Hyatt – one of my favorite authors and bloggers at:  He writes about many subjects, including business productivity and self-development. For example I really like his idea of creating plan for our ideal week. You can check it out  here . You can also now download his free “Creating Your Personal Life Plan” guide (from the same page).

For more help with your business check out: where you will find a lot of good business advice and many free guides.

If you happen to be a photographer you might like to read many free business guides designed for photographers available at Photoshelter. They also host one of my websites. You can check Photoshelter here  and if you decide to sign up with them please use my just mentioned  referral link. Thank you.  Photoshelter is really a very good company and provides a lot of very useful  information for photographers via free guides and blog.

Also  “Notes from the Universe” are often quite insightful and surprisingly right on  target.  You can subscribe to receive them for free daily or weekly here. The notes are written by Mike Dooley – an accomplished and very good author and international speaker.

Tropical Beach, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Tropical Beach, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Available as fine art print.

Workshops and Courses:

If you feel you need to learn more about business, health, photography and many graphic software, one of my favorite companies to do so is Creative Live at:  where you will find many free courses about these subjects. They are all free while running live. The courses are repeated soon after they stop being broadcasted live. If you don’t have time to watch while they are on air, you can also buy the courses to see them later. Many of them are really very good and I highly recommend them to you.

You might also like to see Global Teleclass website at: – they offer many free classes about business as well as health and spirituality related subjects and I like their free “Biz Tip of the Day” quotes. They are quite good.

Take Action Now.

So here you go. I hope you will find this blog post helpful to learn more about planning, controlling your time, acquiring new skills and how to stop from self-sabotaging yourself. I am sending you a lot of good wishes and blessings for you in this New Year and I hope many of your dreams will come true.




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