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Still Working on Your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you still working on your New Year’s Resolution? I know, it is not easy to come up with one and even harder to stick to it. If you are more creative type, you might find these two books helpful.

1. “The Right Brain Business Plan, A Creative, Visual Map for Success” by Jennifer Lee. I am presently reading this book and working on my new business plan for this year. I find her book quite helpful. She was also teaching last year a workshop on the same subject on Creative Live.

2. “The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Idea Real” by Lisa Sonora Beam. This book is also very well written and easy to read. There are many beautiful illustrations and a lot of good, solid, original advice, which might help to inspire you.  Lisa is also teaching workshops and she presently lives in Mexico. This month you can work with her on her 30 Days Journal Project, which she has started on January 1 of this year. It is free to participate and you can find our more about it here:



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