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I invite you to try my Soul Dreams Portraits – I offer a special discount till April 30th, 2014

I am very happy to announce that a new website featuring my fantasy portraits, fine art nudes, surreal landscapes and mandalas is ready. This website is just dedicated to my fine art fantasy work.

Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen

I am also introducing a new service called Soul Dreams Portraits. You can order such fine art fantasy portraits to enhance your personal or business image, or as a gift for somebody else.

My Soul Dreams Portraits are custom made fantasy portraits created for you.

Are you wondering who they are for?
Such portraits could be a great idea not only for personal use, but also as business portraits for alternative health and wellness professionals, singers, dancers, musicians, spirituality and wellness related writers to better present your style and personality.

Dream Lake
Dream Lake

You can order a fantasy portrait either for yourself, as a surprise gift for somebody else, or perhaps to honor a person you loved who passed away. Some people might even like to order fantasy portraits for their pets.

There are two options available to choose from. One is working with the photographs you already have. The second package includes photo session and digital enhancement.

I am presently running a special. Please place your order by the end of April, 2014 to receive $100 off from the photo session package. You can schedule your photo session by the end of August 2014.

For more information please visit my Soul Dreamscapes website at: or call me (Renata) at: (416) 538-1087. I am located in Toronto, Canada.


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