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Nature Spirit Mandalas Gallery

Flower Mandala - Burgundy & Green #2
Flower Mandala – Burgundy & Green #2

I have just created Nature Spirit Mandalas gallery on my new  Soul Dreamscapes website dedicated to my fine art inspirational fantasy art. You can go directly to Nature Spirit Mandalas gallery by following this link.

What these artworks are about?
Mandalas have been used by many ancient culture in meditation to help focus on positive life energy flow and spiritual development. Quite often they symbolize symmetry and order of our beautiful universe and help establish a Sacred Space.

In this series I explore elements found in nature like flowers, leaves, gemstones and even sometimes distant galaxies and stars. I look for interesting shapes, colours and patterns.

Using a variety of computer programs and my intuition I compose many elements from one or more photographs to create inspirational and decorative images, which could be used to bring natural beauty into private and public places, help to relax, meditate and to enhance the spiritual energy of the space.

Pink Orchid Mandala #1
Pink Orchid Mandala #1

How to Buy Nature Spirit Mandala Prints.
Most of the artworks in this series is available as open edition prints of various sizes. They could be printed on a variety of media, but I recommend choosing fine art metallic paper or ordering prints on acrylic or metal base. This kind of printing will enhance the colours and add depth to the artwork.  I presently sell these prints via my Fine Art America store and they will be sent directly to you. You can even order from them prints on canvas and have the artworks framed.

Please check my Nature Spirit Mandalas gallery for more information and to buy the prints.



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