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Special Promotional Price – Pink Orchid Mandala on Canvas.

Pink Orchid Mandala #1
Pink Orchid Mandala #1


I am presently running a limited time promotion on this beautiful Pink Orchid floral mandala printed on 24×20 inches canvas. The discount is $30 from the regular price. This promotions is valid only till midnight May 9th, 2014. You can buy it at this lower price here .
Only 10 canvas prints are being offered at this discounted price, so please follow the link now if you are interested in buying this print.

This large,  museum quality,  stretched canvas print could decorate your home or office with a subtle floral, romantic accent. With it’s delicate pink colours it would work particularly well in a bedroom, sitting room or an office where a soft, healing atmosphere is particularly appreciated.

This artworks is also offered on other printed media and at different sizes, but only the 24×20 inches canvas print is presently available at this special price. Here is a link to other sizes and media. Please contact me if you need more information.



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