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An Outdoor Portrait Photography Session Special

Natalia-2568-retThe end of Summer is approaching quickly. I have decided to offer a very special price for an outdoor session until the end of September 2014 only. 

The days are still warm and pretty long, allowing taking pictures well into the evening. Many people just came from their vacations and look great. I think this is a perfect time for taking such photographs.

Also we have only about 3,5 months left to Christmas and it would be a very good time for taking pictures, which could be used for Christmas cards.

Here are some more pictures from the outdoor portrait session I did for Nathalie, which I have featured in my previous blog post. 

Natalia-2542-retI invite you to have a similar outdoor photography session with me. The end of September is coming soon, so if you book your session quickly, we might still be able to do it before it gets too cold.

For more information please follow this link. 



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