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Sally Hunter – a writer, spiritual worker and healer I have recently photographed.

Sally Hunter - photographed for "The Sedona Journal of Emergence".
Sally Hunter – photographed for “The Sedona Journal of Emergence”.

I have recently photographed Sally Hunter – a writer, spiritual worker and an intuitive healer.  Sally needed a professional quality portrait for her article published in “The Sedona Journal of Emergence” magazine, February 2015 issue.  Sally wrote there about conscious breathing. If you would like to learn more about this subject please read her article. Here is a link to more information about Sally and a short intro to her article.

To keep it within the budget we have agreed to, I have taken several pictures of Sally in her own apartment.  We had some plain background there and I brought simple portable flash lights. I have mounted one onto a white umbrella, so it could reflect light to make it softer.  I have also used a couple of white reflectors to further soften and reflect the light, as well as one additional flash to add some highlights to Sally’s beautiful, light red-brown hair.

Sally Hunter - Sally's choice for "Sedona Journal of Emergence"
Sally Hunter – Sally’s choice for “The Sedona Journal of Emergence” magazine.

To make choosing the final pictures easier, I was occasionally showing Sally what I have done so far and if we both didn’t like the picture, I was deleting it on the spot.

I have photographed Sally in 3 different outfits, so we have more to choose from.  Sally preferred to keep a more casual look, the clothing style she naturally likes wearing.

I have further edited the pictures on my computer and showed to Sally about 20 photographs to choose from. I find that it is easier for the client if they don’t have too many pictures to choose from and I think about 15-20 images is a good number for professional portraits for writers, artists, spiritual workers, or other professionals I photograph.

As a final picture, Sally has chosen one photograph in her floral shirt. We both liked her happy, welcoming expression she has in this image.

Sally Hunter
Sally Hunter

She wanted me to do only a very minimal retouching to this picture and after it was done, I have forwarded it to Sally’s editor in two versions – one in colour and the second one in black and white. Only black and white versions are published beside article, but just in case the editor or Sally would like to use this picture somewhere else, they have also received it in colour.

One of my favorite Sally’s pictures is also her photograph in a white shirt (the first picture in this article). I think Sally looks really sophisticated there while seating at her writing desk.  I also like her photograph in the blue shirt, (this image is also attached to this article). I like Sally’s dreamy look in this picture, as she was caught in a moment of inspiration for her next article.

It was really a pleasure to work with Sally since she is so nice, friendly and highly spiritual person.  Please contact Sally if you would like to talk to her regarding her writing or to ask her do some intuitive, spiritual work for you.

If you are a writer, artist, spiritual worker or other entrepreneur and you need a professional business portrait for your website, portfolio, publications or blog, please contact me and I would be happy to photograph you if you are, or can come to GTA (Greater Toronto area).







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