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Chateau De Versailles Garden In France.

Chateau De Versailles Garden In France-1

Here is one of my most popular photographs I presently sell on Fine Art America.

This picture was taken during my trip to France several years ago. The Gardens of Versailles are really very impressive Royal Gardens.

The gardens are placed to the west of the palace and they are really huge covering about 800 hectares. Most of it is landscaped in the classic, very manicured and kind of geometric, in so called, French formal garden style. The garden was designed during the 17th century by André Le Nôtre for the king Louis XIV and it was then considered an ideal garden design and widely copied by many other architects and garden designers, who created similar in style gardens for other kings and aristocrats.

Chateau De Versailles Garden In France Framed Print
Buy it as framed print

The gardens are now one of the most visited public sites in France, welcoming more than six million tourists per year.

Beside the perfectly maintained lawns, floral carpets and countless sculptures, there are also many impressive looking fountains, which are located throughout the garden. They add really unique look to this gardens. One of the best time to visit the gardens is on  weekends from late spring to early autumn, when you will be able to admire so called the “Grandes Eaux” – a spectacles during which all the fountains in the gardens are fully operational. It is really amazing to see all this beautiful and unique looking fountains working.

Chateau De Versailles Garden In Canvas Print
But it on canvas

In 1979, the gardens, as well as the Château De Versailles were designated as World Heritage Site on the UNESCO list. Presently there are about 30 sites in France with such status.

If you like this picture and French Garden style, I invite you to buy this picture from my Fine Art America store.

It is one of the most popular images I have there. It is available in many sizes, as well as in a variety of printing media, including canvas, watercolour, glossy print, on metal, acrylic and even as a greeting card and a 14×14″ throw pillow . You can buy just the print or have it already framed for you and choose a frame style you like.

Chateau De Versailles Garden Throw Pillow 14x14
Buy it as a throw pillow – 14×14″

Besides the picture, as I have taken, I also show it in this post as a framed print, on canvas and also as a throw pillow.

All original photographs used on these products and this article are copyrighter my me, Renata Ratajczyk. Please contact me if you have any questions and I also encourage you to leave your comments. Perhaps you have visited this place as well?  How did you like it?









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