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Angel from Château de Montrésor, in the Loire Valley, France.

Angel from Château de Montrésor, France
Angel from Château de Montrésor, France

Here is another photograph, which is also one of the most popular in my Fine Art America store.  I have taken this picture while on my trip to France several years ago in the Château de Montrésor garden.

This beautiful about a life-size angel was one of the prominently standing sculptures in the garden, which is surrounding this old castle.  His strong figure and  beauty have immediately attracted my attention. If no wings, he would have looked more like one of the antique Greek or Roman gods. I like the way this classic style sculpture was carefully designed and made and how real and dynamic it looks. Angel’s face is full of expression and it almost seems, that  in a moment he will stand up and start talking.



Buy this photograph of an angel as print on canvas.
Male Angel in Montrésor garden – print on canvas.

I was wondering who created this statue, and only later, after doing some research, I was able to learn that this artwork was created by one of the Danish sculptors and was originally in Paris’s apartment of one of the owner of this castle, count Ksawery Branicki.  If any of you knows the name of the sculptor, please let me know and I will add it here.

This picture of the angel, is presently available in various forms in my Fine America store and you can buy it already framed, on canvas, acrylic, metal and even as a greeting card, phone case, and 14×14″ throw pillow. You can see here how it looks on various products and I provide links, in case you are interested in buying any of them to decorate your home.



Buy Angel in Montrésor garden - phone-case
Angel in Montrésor garden – phone-case



I think this photograph could complement very well a classic decor and add stylish flair to your surroundings. It might even work very well in a modern-looking home creating almost like a window into the garden.  Also, people who like fine art nudes and angels may enjoy having such photograph on their walls. This strong male, almost warier-like angel figure could be representing the protective Archangel Michael, even if he has no sword, but maybe used to have one. Perhaps he is just resting before or after the fight.




Buy a pillow with this angel photograph.
Angel from Montrésor – throw pillow

By the way, Château de Montrésor is certainly a wonderful place to visit if you are in France and taking a tour of the Loire Valley.  This old castle has a very long and interesting history. Since the middle of the 19th century, it has been in the possession of a rich Polish count, Xavier Branicki (Ksawery Branicki), who was a friend of an emperor of France, Napoleon III. Branicki has  completely restored this quite badly demolished place and he has beautifully furnished it. This charming Château is still in the possession of the descendants of Branicki’s family and it is available for public viewing.



If you are interested in finding out more about Château de Montrésor, please check the following links, which I have found particularity interesting:
An article about Château de Montrésor on France Travel Info.
A legend about the origin of the Montrésor name on Experience Loire. It is quite romantic, so have a look.
Have you been to this place yourself? If so, what are your impressions? Is the angel still there? I hope it is.  Please leave your comments and contact me if you have any questions about buying prints or other products from my Fine Art America store.





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