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Transformation – the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Here is my post for the “Transformation” Weekly Photo Challenge. I would like to present to you today one more of my Polaroids SX-70 since the reality is very much transformed when using this technique.

"Golden Shoes", Polaroid SX-70.
“Golden Shoes”, Polaroid SX-70.

I start with a photograph taken with SX-70 camera and then transform it to a painterly image using a variety of techniques. I have to work fast when the emulsion is still soft. Here I have added many “brush strokes”, particularly to the background making this photograph look more like a painting.

To find out more about how I do it, please read my article on on the Alternative Photography website here.

This photograph called “Golden Shoes” is available as photo illustration and fine art archival prints in various sizes and printing media and you can even buy it already framed.  It can make a great Christmas gift for somebody who likes art and photography.

You can see some more samples of my Polaroids SX-70 on my website here.

To read about “Transformation” Weekly Photo Challenge and see other entries please follow this link.

The Copyright Info and Subscribing to this Blog.

All photographs presented on this blog are copyrighted by me, Renata Ratajczyk. If you would like to use any of them in your publications or on your website, please contact me. I will be adding some of the pictures posted here to my Light Vision website, where you can license images or buy them as prints.  I will be posting more articles and postcards soon, so please remember to subscribe to my blog to be notified about future updates. Thank you.

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