Weekly Travel Postcard – Lake Maggiore, Italy.

Weekly Travel Postcard – Lake Maggiore, Italy.

A view on Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy.

A view on Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy.

Here is my Weekly Travel Postcard – Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore) in Italy. I was in this area almost 3 years ago and it is really great looking place perfect for summer vacation. You can enjoy there a variety of sports, hiking and exploring the nearby towns admiring monuments, shopping, or just relaxing walking along the lake and seating in numerous restaurant, bars and cafes.  I will write more about this place to stay tuned and subscribe to/follow my blog, so you won’t miss future updates.

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I am Back from Poland – Featured Spot in Polish Tatra Mountains – Polana Pisana

I  came back from Poland a while ago bringing many new photographs from beautiful Polish Tatra Mountains, as well as from other areas, including Wroclaw, Warsaw, Kozuchow, Ciechocinek, Nieszawa and Zakopane.

A view from Pisana Polana in Polish Tatra Mountains, Koscieliska Valley.

Pisana Polana, Koscieliska Valley in Polish Tatra Mountains.

Polish Tatras are really one of my favorite spots to visit and to photograph. I always try to be there while traveling to Poland and I have already hundreds, if not thousands of photographs from this area. There are many wonderful hiking trails, as well as many opportunities for advance mountain climbing.

Koscieliska Valley (Dolina Koscieliska) is one of the most beautiful valleys in Polish Tatra Mountains, as well as one of the longest (9 km).  Polana Pisana is a beautiful spot in Dolina Koscieliska to which you can either walk, or arrive by a horse cart (it is quite expensive to hire one).

I remember the time when there was a little cabin in Polana Pisana where one could stop for some tea and small snacks. Unfortunately, I think it has burned down a while ago.

For some good food you can stop at the beginning of Koscieliska Valley in a stylish restaurant there. If you are lucky and won’t mind standing in long lines, which could happen during the high tourist season, you can also buy some food and drinks at the end of the valley in Ornak’s mountain shelter (Schronisko Ornak).

There are many trails going from Koscieliska Valley to the much higher mountains, other valleys and some interesting caves, for example to Jaskinia Mrozna. I will be posting more photographs from Poland soon.

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